Volunteer for DHH Camp

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for DHH Camp. Our volunteers are very important to the success of camp. Each year we are inspired and thrilled by the amount of people who are passionate and want to spend their Memorial Weekend with us! We will contact the 22-24 volunteers who have been selected in April with a training meeting date. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We Thank You!

Job Description

  • Organize small group games, (equipment and games provided by camp coordinators)
  • Supervise children during scheduled children's activities
  • Organize and supervise arts and crafts activities
  • Assure the safety and well-being of participating children
  • Communicate with and assist other counselors
  • Maintain and care for equipment and materials
  • All volunteers are required to attend a training and orientation to be held in April.
  • Be at Family Camp from 3PM Friday (or, as early as 1pm) through 1PM Sunday

Volunteers will receive

  • Free room and meals for the weekend
  • Free camp shirt
  • Community service letter, upon request

Volunteers Requirements

There are two types of Volunteers: Counselors and Counselor Assistants
  • Counselor: In order to apply for this position you must be 18 and in 12th grade or a high school graduate.
  • Counselor Assistant: In order to apply you must be 16 or 17 and in grade 11 or 12. Previous experience as a camper or volunteer is strongly preferred.
  • Community service letter, upon request

Complete the online volunteer application now!

For more information about camp or volunteering, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Members at Large

Region 1 Area RepVacant

Region 2 Area RepCindy Sandoval – (CSandoval@cahandsandvoices.org) Cindy lives in Northern California with her husband Francisco, Jordan (19) and Chrystian (14). Jordan was identified as Deaf at the age of 14 months. Even though Cindy had access to parent mentor supports early on, she hesitated to reach out, but luckily with family & friends support, she was able to move forward and immerse herself in all resources related to her son. Cindy understands the importance of family-to-family support and enjoys sharing her experiences with families.

Region 3 Area RepApryl Chauhan - See below, Advisory board

Region 4 Area RepVacant

Region 5 Area RepVacant

Region 6 Area RepVacant

Region 7 Area RepYiesell Rayon (yrayon@cahandsandvoices.org) – Yiesell and her family reside in LA County. She is a proud mother of two boys, Christian (9) who is hearing and Markie who has moderate to severe hearing loss. Markie is bilaterally aided and is enrolled in a total communication DHH preschool learning both speech and American Sign Language. Yiesell currently works as a bilingual advocate for a non-profit Parent Center that provides support, education and advocacy to families who have children with diverse abilities. She looks forward to bringing together DHH families throughout the LA and Orange County areas. She enjoys offering support by educating and guiding parents how to advocate for their own DHH children.

DHH Family Camp Southern California Co-Chair DirectorKristal Molina (KMolina@cahandsandvoices.org) – Kristal and her husband live in San Diego. They are parents of Lily who is Deaf (14) and Josiah (11) who is hearing. Lily was identified with a profound hearing loss after a battle with Spinal Meningitis at 10 months and later received cochlear implants. Lily uses American Sign Language and English. Kristal works for Parent Links supporting families with newly identified DHH children.

MembershipCora Shahid (Membership@cahandsandvoices.org) – Cora and her husband live in San Diego and are proud parents of Christina (25) hearing, Zain (11) and Ibrahim (5) who are both Deaf. From the very beginning she believed in early parent to parent support, DHH role models and the importance of nurturing language development in whatever way worked for her children. She currently works for Parent Links supporting families with newly identified DHH children ages 0-3.

Region 8 Area RepVacant

Region 9 Area RepVacant

Advisory board members

Apryl Chauhan (AChauhan@cahandsandvoices.org) – Apryl lives in the East Bay Area with her lovely family, husband Raj Chauhan, Zahra (13), Ashanti (10) and Malik (6). Zahra was identified as profoundly Deaf at the age of two years old. The first point of contact the family made was a parent mentor. In order to “pay it forward” Apryl has worked in several different roles on the local and state level supporting families and DHH children. The Chauhan family’s story can also be found in New York Times Best Seller “Far From the Tree” by Andrew Solomon.

Melanie Doyle (MDoyle@cahandsandvoices.org) – Melanie is the proud mother of twin boys, Riley (20) who is hearing; and Crosby (20), who is oral Deaf and utilizes both a hearing aid and cochlear implant. Both boys are in College. Melanie is a co-founder of the annual DHH Family Camp, which is the Flagship DHH Family Camp for California Hands & Voices.

Susan Popov (SPopov@cahandsandvoices.org) – Susan and her husband Sascha live in San Diego, CA. They are the proud parents of two beautiful young adults. Victoria was diagnosed as being bilaterally severe-profoundly Deaf at the age of 18 months. She was fitted for hearing aids and started speech therapy. She received her 1st CI/Cochlear Implant at age 8; and 2nd CI during mainstream high school at the age of 17 years. She passionately learned ASL in high school and loves using both her hands and voice. Currently, Tori is a college student at RIT/Rochester Institute of Technology, NY. She has a Biomedical Science major in the College of Health, Science and Technology. Their son, Michael, is hearing and is a strong advocate of his sister Tori. He is attending CSUN/Cal-State Northridge University, CA, with a Film major in the College of Cinematography. Interestingly, both RIT and CSUN offer may college options for kids who are DHH. Susan has been a DHH Family Camp supporter for over 15 years. She remains a committee member of the Annual DHH Family Camp Southern California, in Julian, CA, over Memorial Day Weekend.