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Executive Board

Apryl Chauhan

Apryl Chauhan

President of California Hands & Voices

Apryl Chauhan is the President of California Hands & Voices and she lives in the East Bay. She is the wife and mother of three children. When her oldest daughter was identified as deaf at the age of two Apryl began the journey so many other parents take, of how to raise a successful and happy deaf child. She found the greatest resource of support and information from other parents and has spent the past fifteen years “paying it forward” by working as a parent mentor and parent leader through out the state.




Cora Shahid

Cora Shahid

Vice President / Membership

Cora and her husband live in San Diego and are proud parents an adult daughter and two sons. Both boys were born with a moderately severe hearing level. From the very beginning she believed in early parent to parent support, DHH role models (adults and peers) and the importance of nurturing language development. Cora is a founding board member of CA H&V and currently oversees the chapter’s social media presence as well as managing membership, the database and our quarterly article submission for The Hands & Voices Communicator. She is on the planning committee for the CA H&V Family Camp in Southern California. Cora worked as a parent mentor with Parent Links for 6 years and has experience working with families of nearly identified DHH children. Her goal is for CA H&V to flourish so that non-judgmental support can positively impact every family in California raising Deaf and Hard of Hearing children! .





Kat Lowrance

Kat Lowrance


Kat and her husband Stan live in Redding, California, and they have 3 grown children and 2 grandchildren. Dylan is their youngest child and is Deaf. Kat is currently the Executive Director at Rowell Family Empowerment of No. California, a non-profit, IDEA funded Parent Center that provides support, information and training to families who have children with diverse abilities. Kat is also the Parent Links Coordinator for 47 CA counties and a Mentor for families who have Deaf or Hard of Hearing babies in far Northern California. There are 10 Parent Links Mentors in several communities throughout California reaching out to parents who have a Deaf/Hard of Hearing baby and help them navigate their way along the journey! Kat also is the Northern California DHH Family Camp Director for California Hands & Voices. Kat’s journey into the Deaf world started many years ago. I met my best friend, Toni, when I was in Middle School. Her first born son, Jamin, was born Deaf. She supported her navigation through some of those very early systems. When Jamin was 12 she had her youngest son, Dylan. At age 8 months, Dylan got spinal meningitis and as a result could not hear. Toni became her support person! I had learned SEE sign because the medical field told me that he would need this to learn to read and write. Well, as life went on I learned so much more! I continue to learn more everyday! I appreciate all the friends, the Deaf people and the professionals who helped me find my way!



Nancy Sager

Nancy Grosz Sager


Nancy Grosz Sager lives in Yuba City and is the secretary for California Hands & Voices. She was a teacher of the Deaf for the Sutter County Office of Education for 21 years, and she was the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Programs Consultant at the California Department of Education for 18 years. She retired last August, but she still works part time as a retired annuitant. By far, the best part of her job has been the opportunity to work with and support parents through the Parent Links program and the Hands & Voices organization. She is a mom of two great (now grown-up) girls, Jeannette and Michelle. They both live in Oregon. Nancy’s great partner in crime is Ken, and she has a wonderful service dog named Whisper.





Tony Ronco

Tony Ronco

Past President

Tony is an involved dad, husband, and engineer. With his wife Jenny, they have two children: Their hearing son Austin and their Deaf daughter Dakota. Tony has a particularly strong passion for all children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing achieving Kindergarten Readiness and for those children to have the benefit of full family inclusion.





Board Members

Cindy Sandovalemail

Cindy Sandoval

Region 2
Johanna Wonderlyemail

Johanna Wonderly

Region 2
Sarah Oliphant email

Sarah Oliphant

Region 3
Maribel Pineda email

Maribel Pineda

Region 7
Yiesell Rayonemail

Yiesell Rayon

Region 7
Anel Herrera email

Anel Herrera

Region 9
Rosabel Agbayani email

Rosabel Agbayani, BA, BS, MPH


Advisory Board

Mallorie Evans email

Mallorie Evans

Educational Audiologist, Professional
Brandi Castro email

Brandi Castro

Teacher of the Deaf, Professional
Kristal Molina email

Kristal Molina

Southern California Family Camp Co-Director, ASL Interpreter
Julie Rems-Smario email

Julie Rems-Smario

CDE Rep / DHH Adult
Dr. Carvalho email

Dr. Carvalho

Pediatric Otolaryngologist
Leslie Manjarrez email

Leslie Manjarrez

DHH Teacher
Anna Phillips email

Anna Phillips

DHH Adult / Professional at CEID
Syndi Lyon email

Syndi Lyon

General Ed Teacher / Southern CA Family Camp Co-Director
Griselle Ramirez email

Griselle Ramirez

Parent Links Representative

About CA Hands & Voices

California Hands & Voices is dedicated to supporting families with children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing in a respectful and non-judgmental manner regarding language opportunities, communication tools or educational approaches. We’re a parent-driven, non-profit organization providing families with the resources, networks, and information to improve communication access and educational outcomes for their children.

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