A HUGE thank you to Assemblymember Arambula and Senator Pan for the opportunity to provide public comment on Governor Newsom’s withdrawal of the children’s hearing aid program, the one he proposed as the alternative to AB 598, a bill that passed unanimously across the board.

Take a quick listen to the testimony of  Michelle Marciniak, co-chair of Let California Kids Hear https://vimeo.com/422570888


The Senate and Assembly submit their revised budgets by June 1, then they will be reconciled with the Governors’ budget, to announce the final state budget by June 15. 


We need you to call our legislative champions EVERY DAY, especially if you are a constituent. 

-  Ask them to continue to stand with our children. 

-  Tell them it costs the state $1M for every child who doesn’t not receive early intervention in special education, and other medical complications.  

-   The cost is minimal to act on the Governor’s January proposal ($10M) or sign the bill into law ($3M). 

-   The absence of a solution with continue to cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars. 

-  Share how the impact is devastating to the newborn who needs to be aided by 6 months to develop at the same rate as their hearing peers; the toddler who needs to hear their parents talk, read and sing to lay the foundation for their brain development; and the school-age child who needs to hear their teachers and classmates online to be able to attend school. Without hearing aids, this won’t happen, and it puts their future in jeopardy. 

-   If the Governor won’t sign the bill AB598 into law to mandate the health plans cover the cost and providing permanent coverage to our children, then he should keep his promise to our children and reinstate the $10M in his budget. 

-   It’s sound fiscal policy. It’s the right thing to do. And, it’s time to Let California Kids Hear. 


Our champions in leadership who can influence the next step, include:

Senator Toni Atkins: (916) 651-4039  

Senator Holly Mitchell: (916) 651-4030  

Senator Dr. Pan: (916) 651-4006  

Speaker Anthony Rendon: (916) 319-2063

Assemblymember Phil Ting: (916) 319-2019

Assemblymember Dr. Arambula: (916) 319-2031


Then, call/email/ tag the Governor Newsom. https://govapps.gov.ca.gov/gov40mail/ 


Please tag and share this with anyone who cares! It’s time to Let California Kids Hear. 


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