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Goal of the giveaway. 
This has been a challenging year. We hope that the giveaway brings JOY to everyone who participates. 


Official Rules. 

  • To qualify you must live in the state of California and be a Parent of a DHH child, a DHH adult or a Professional serving Deaf and Hard of Hearing children.    
  • To participate do one of the following three options. 

    First Option: Members, Let's see where you placed your UV Window Sticker. Post a Photo of your CA H&V UV Window Sticker on our Facebook Page under the Giveaway Announcement using the hashtag #MyCaHandsVoices. (the CA H&V window sticker was mailed to paid members at no additional charge in July 2020). 

    Second Option:
    Comment on our Facebook Page under the Giveaway Announcement and tell us a FUN FACT about your family using the hashtag #MyCaHandsVoices 

    Third Option:
    Not on Facebook? No problem! Email us at info@cahandsandvoices.org to show your CA H&V UV Window Sticker or share a Fun Fact about your family. 

  • Some of the giveaways were donated by individuals or organizations that support our work. We appreciate their support and thank them for their donation. The donations were received from San Diego Family Magazine ( A Selection of four Children's Books, a  Parent's Guide to Playful Learning for Children Age 2-5 Book and a ADCO Clear Window Mask.), From Karen Putz (The Parenting Journey Online Course. Purchased items also include; a Tote-bag and Upwrapping Your Passion Book by Karen Putz and the Hands & Voices Educational Advocacy For Students Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing Book. Complimentary item given away: California Hands & Voices 1 Year Membership.

  • The giveaway winners will be randomly selected and announced on September 9th. 
  • The winners will be notified by email, announced on our social media platforms and also mentioned on our website.    
  • Each participant will have an equal chance to win regardless of how many times they participate. No purchase is necessary. 

  • California Hands & Voices will pay the shipping fees to mail the giveaways to the winner. 

  • Winner must provide their mailing address to California Hands & Voices via our website at  https://cahandsandvoices.org/get-involved/mailing-list-signup so that we can mail the gift to the winner. 

  • Personal data including the mailing address, email and phone number is collected and then stored on our database. All members of the database receive e-blast messages from CA H&V from time to time. Individuals can unsubscribe at any time.

  • CA H&V Board members and their family members do not qualify. There are no age restrictions.
  • California Hands & Voices has the right to shut down or adjust the contest at any time. 

  • California Hands & Voices may use the winner's image and likeness in advertising. 

  • The giveaway is void where prohibited.

  • For our members who are not on Facebook you are welcome to email us at info@cahandsandvoices.org to show your CA H&V UV Window Sticker or share a Fun Fact about your family. 

  • California Hands & Voices is sponsoring and administering the contest; not Facebook.

  • Facebook is not in anyway responsible for this giveaway. 


An Update!

A huge heartfelt thank you to the Assembly and Senate for continuing to stand with California’s deaf and hard of hearing children and including the hearing aid program in their budget and sending it on to Governor Newsom for his signature.

Today, the Senate and Assembly voted to include the Governor’s January proposal to establish a program that provides hearing aids and related services to children up to 600 percent of the federal poverty level. The main budget bill which passed today (SB 74) includes $1 million for DHCS to make necessary system changes this budget year in order to implement the program for families beginning July 1, 2021. It assumes that there will be $10 million in the General Fund in ongoing annual costs beginning in 2021-22.

The legislature sent the Governor SB 74 tonight, and there are additional negotiations between now and the deadline by which he must sign the bill, July 1st. We will remain vigilant to ensure there are no subsequent changes to this vital program before the Governor signs the final set of bills.

With hearing aids, California’s children regardless of their background or socioeconomic status will have an opportunity at a bright future. With hearing aids, a baby aided by six months of age can develop the same rate as their hearing peers; a toddler will hear their loved ones talk, read, and sing to them to lay the foundation for their brain development; and school aged children can attend school and now classes held online. We are hopeful that Governor Gavin Newsom will keep California’s deaf and hard of hearing children in his heart when finalizing the state budget. #LetCAKidsHear

Questions? Contact 

Dear Administrator,

As we begin the discussion of what school looks like Post-COVID-19, we are proactively sharing anticipated accessibility barriers, in hopes that districts, SELPAs, and Deaf and Hard of Hearing students and their families can work together collaboratively to educate and find solutions. The California Hands & Voices Advocacy, Support, and Training (ASTra) program has developed this flyer to assist you in developing accommodations for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students during the COVID-19 crisis. The flyer has been endorsed by the California Association of the Deaf (CAD), the California Educators of the Deaf (CAL-ED), and the Language Equality & Acquisition for Deaf Kids (LEAD-K) organization. We are asking that you distribute this flyer, endorsed by parents, professionals, and the Deaf community, to every school that is attended by one or more Deaf or Hard of Hearing child(ren), and that the six areas outlined in the flyer are discussed and implemented, in order to ensure the school setting remains accessible for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students. More information and questions to help guide your discussion are on our web site at cahandsandvoices.org/COVID-19-resources.


Rosabel Agbayani, MPH
President, California Hands & Voices

Johanna Wonderly
ASTra Coordinator, California Hands & Voices

A HUGE thank you to Assemblymember Arambula and Senator Pan for the opportunity to provide public comment on Governor Newsom’s withdrawal of the children’s hearing aid program, the one he proposed as the alternative to AB 598, a bill that passed unanimously across the board.

Take a quick listen to the testimony of  Michelle Marciniak, co-chair of Let California Kids Hear https://vimeo.com/422570888


The Senate and Assembly submit their revised budgets by June 1, then they will be reconciled with the Governors’ budget, to announce the final state budget by June 15. 


We need you to call our legislative champions EVERY DAY, especially if you are a constituent. 

-  Ask them to continue to stand with our children. 

-  Tell them it costs the state $1M for every child who doesn’t not receive early intervention in special education, and other medical complications.  

-   The cost is minimal to act on the Governor’s January proposal ($10M) or sign the bill into law ($3M). 

-   The absence of a solution with continue to cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars. 

-  Share how the impact is devastating to the newborn who needs to be aided by 6 months to develop at the same rate as their hearing peers; the toddler who needs to hear their parents talk, read and sing to lay the foundation for their brain development; and the school-age child who needs to hear their teachers and classmates online to be able to attend school. Without hearing aids, this won’t happen, and it puts their future in jeopardy. 

-   If the Governor won’t sign the bill AB598 into law to mandate the health plans cover the cost and providing permanent coverage to our children, then he should keep his promise to our children and reinstate the $10M in his budget. 

-   It’s sound fiscal policy. It’s the right thing to do. And, it’s time to Let California Kids Hear. 


Our champions in leadership who can influence the next step, include:

Senator Toni Atkins: (916) 651-4039  

Senator Holly Mitchell: (916) 651-4030  

Senator Dr. Pan: (916) 651-4006  

Speaker Anthony Rendon: (916) 319-2063

Assemblymember Phil Ting: (916) 319-2019

Assemblymember Dr. Arambula: (916) 319-2031


Then, call/email/ tag the Governor Newsom. https://govapps.gov.ca.gov/gov40mail/ 


Please tag and share this with anyone who cares! It’s time to Let California Kids Hear. 


Dear Assembly Member Domokos,

California Hands & Voices is an organization that supports the families of deaf and hard of hearing children in a respectful and non-judgmental manner regarding language opportunities, communication tools, or educational approaches.
We are writing today to ask for opposition to AB 1850 and AB 2257 unless it is amended to include a professional services exemption for sign language interpreters and real-time captioners. These professionals provide crucial ADA mandated communication services to our children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Our children must have meaningful, unrestricted access to these services.
Please vote NO on AB 1850 and AB 2257 unless these bills are amended to include exemptions for sign language interpreters and real-time captioners for deaf children and adults.
Thank you,
Rosabel Agbayani, MPH
President, California Hands & Voices
RA: ngs

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