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If you are on our Facebook Group and/or Page you saw that Parents of Deaf and Hard of Hearing children, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Adults, AND Professionals all showed up in Sacramento to show their support for AB 598 at the Assembly Health Committee hearing on Tuesday April 24th. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend AND To those who called /wrote letters in support of the bill. 
The measure passed committee unanimously! laughing
*If AB #598 passes, insurance companies will be required to provide hearing aid coverage for minors.
The next step is the Assembly Appropriations Committee! Stay tuned for more information on how you can help. 
If you live in San Diego we need your help within the next two weeks. Please contact if you live in San Diego and have a DHH child birth to 18 years old who wears hearing aids. 
Thank you for your support!
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California Hands & Voices wrote a letter of support for AB 598, which would require health insurance plans and policies to cover hearing aids for children up to 18 years of age.

In California, the cost of a hearing aid is the most significant barrier preventing families from accessing hearing aids and hearing aid services. Only one in ten children in privately funded plans has coverage for hearing aids and hearing aid services, which costs a family up to $6,000 every three to five years.  This is a heavy financial burden for working families. Some families are forced to forego hearing aids for their children or postpone services such as fittings and maintenance. Other families have to deplete their savings or seek out other charity assistance for a device that should be covered by their medical insurance.  This is why 24 other states have already passed legislation requiring insurance companies to cover the expense of hearing aids for children.

If you have any questions or would like to write your letter of support please contact  and you can stay informed by visiting the Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/LetCAKidsHear/


Observe, Understand & Respond: the O.U.R. Children's Safety Project

We don’t like to think about it, but our kids who are deaf or hard of hearing are at a higher risk for maltreatment — bullying, abuse and neglect. California Hands & Voices is committed to doing our part to keep all kids safe from harm. We will host a webinar in early August which will be parent focused and provide specific tips that we feel will benefit every family throughout California. More information will be released soon! 

Nancy Sager is the California Hands & Voices O.U.R Project lead within our state. If you have questions regarding the O.U.R. Project please contact her today. Thank you for your interest in keeping our youth safe! Email:


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