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Family with Son

Hi we’re the B.’s!

Our son was identified as being Single Side Deaf (he has a profound sensorineural loss on one side, normal hearing on the other) at six weeks old via ABR, after failing his newborn hearing screening in the hospital and again at two weeks old. We have chosen not to try a BAHA (the only available option to him, given that his nerve is absent or hypoplastic) until he can express if he likes it or not. We focus on giving him a great listening environment, and on his language development. So far he is on track and speaks both English and some Polish.

Lopez Family

Adriana, Carlos, and their children

Our journey begins before either of our children were born. In fact, our journey began before any of us were born. I (Adriana), was born into two worlds:  the Deaf world and the hearing world. Both of my parents are Deaf. Being a Child of Deaf Adults (CODA), I was raised bilingual with sign language and spoken English and bicultural in the hearing and Deaf cultures, with different perspectives of the world. I grew up experiencing the world from an auditory perspective and a visual perspective. But that was okay, because little did I know, this life experience would come in handy later in my life.

Herrera Maqueda Family

Analy & Lizzy

Our family Herrera & Maqueda, my husband and I have two daughters. Analy our oldest is hearing and Elizabeth (Lizzy) our youngest is Deaf. When Lizzy was born she failed the new born screening test twice. We were told it had to do with liquid in her ears and that surgery could be done. We scheduled the surgery but due to her small ears they couldn’t do it. A month later she got tested again still same result and we were then referred to House Ear.

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