#TogetherThursday is a weekly resource blog that was created by CA Hands & Voices Advisory Board Member Leslie Manjarrez out of the early shelter in place period.
This blog is tailored to highlight free resources and topics to parents of Deaf/Hard of Hearing children through videos, articles, links to further reading, activities and more. #TogetherThursday has grown to feature monthly themes that have included Deaf Awareness, School Readiness, Deaf LGBTQ+, and Seasonal DHH supports.

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Hello Friends,

      Hands &  Voices is supporting you and your child on your journey, wherever that may take you.

This week on #TogetherThursday I wanted to highlight something as we come up on the end of the school year in many places: Reflection.

We’ve touched on the importance of self-care as a parent before and how there are six umbrella categories-

  • Physical
  • Psychological
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Social
  • Professional


Under the self care for Spiritual and Emotional, there is a specific support in Reflection, how you’re reflecting as a parent:  Link

This is especially true as you navigate your own values, needs of your family with what ten-twenty professionals along your journey are advising you to do for your child who has been diagnosed with a hearing difference!

Take time to reflect on how far you’ve come, on what you need as a parent and on what you value for yourself as a parent. In this suggestion, something related that I’ve had conversations with parents time and time again: Take pictures and videos!! You’ll be able to capture those moments, and reflect on them. Often also, put yourself in the pictures, have someone else hold the phone and take a picture of you with your child.

  • Here are some tips for capturing candid moments including “mundane” things like routines: Link

What special or not so special moment did you capture lately that you’d like to share? What did you learn about yourself or your child?

We can, together,

Ms. Leslie

Hello Friends,

      Hands &  Voices is supporting you and your child on your journey, wherever that may take you.

This week on #TogetherThursday we are promoting a parent (Thank you!!!!! Keep them coming!!) suggested topic: Travel Tips!

What does travelling look like for you as a family with a DHH child? 

Here are some tips for air travel from Advanced Bionics for CIs:  Link

 7 Tips for travelling with a DHH child:  Link

It was asked about “Deaf friendly places to travel”, and what I wanted to share, was fantastic Deaf adults who share their stories and travels online:

Various Theme Parks have support for Deaf/Hard of Hearing:

From interpreters that rotate/can be requested to FM Systems these are things that can be looked into when making a reservation(especially now when restrictions are starting to lift, and reservations are often required).

  • Under the National Association for the Deaf there is a list of accommodations for public and private spaces such as restaurants to ensure accessibility: Link

Where are you thinking of traveling when its safe? What kinds of plans supported your family in the past?

We can, together,

Ms. Leslie

Hello/ Friends,

      Hands &  Voices is supporting you and your child on your journey, wherever that may take you.

This week on #TogetherThursday we are exploring stickers!

Stickers have been very popular lately and honestly have a always been a big part of growing up.

  • For our youngest friends:  Link

Key Take aways-Stickers are great for fine motor skills, there are different techniques to help get started including doing a partial peel at the beginning to encourage your child

  • For our elementary age friends:  Link

Key Take aways: Dot stickers are AMAZING for anyone K-6th grade, from art, math to reading you can make activities at home to support your child’s development in a variety of ways with really easy sticker dots. Personal favorite is making a caterpillar with dots after putting a “head” with a marker and making patterns!

  • For older friends: Link

There are thousands of “digital stickers” that you can use with your child that are FREE, cool looking and there are many many artists that are designing stickers right now, encourage your child to design their own!

How do you use stickers in your home? Does your child like stickers?

Together, We can,

Ms. Leslie

Hands &  Voices is supporting you and your child on your journey.

This week on #TogetherThursday I wanted to write a shorter and more simple post. 

Lately with everything from school re-openings, to summer plan potentials, vaccine choices, end of the school year pressure, IEP season and much more it seems that we all are holding each other and holding on as we stretch into the next phase of life with COVID.

Lots of questions might be coming up for yourself, your child, your partner, your family. 

What choices? When? How? What are you waiting for? Why are you not waiting? 

So I’d like to talk about a concept called “Holding Space”. 

The concept as defined by “The Angry Therapist”(who writes great think pieces) is the following:

“Holding space means to be with someone without judgment. To donate your ears and heart without wanting anything back. To practice empathy and compassion. To accept someone's truth, no matter what they are. To allow and accept. Embrace with two hands instead of pointing with one finger. To come in neutral. Open. For them. Not you. Holding space means to put your needs and opinions aside and allow someone to just be.”

Its very hard to do friends! It takes practice and patience and sometimes we just need someone to listen.  Please find space for yourself. If you need someone to hold space for you, ask. Maybe your DHH child will need you to hold space for them, support them in a way that has them know that someone close to them holds space for them.

Who do you know holds space for you? 

Who are you holding space for these days?

Lets take care of each other,

Together, We can,

Ms. Leslie

Hello Friends!

       Hands & Voices can support you and your child side by side on your journey! 

Today on #TogetherThursday: Spring is here!! What exciting things are you doing in your home to welcome this new season?

  • Here is a list of spring crafts for all ages(yes ALL ages): Link

All these crafts require are colored paper, glue(or tape!) and scissors!

  •  What about a Spring time Sensory walk that includes the sights, sounds and textures of what you might look for?  Link

Just a list to support all those language moments you already do with your DHH child while noticing the changing season.

  • Here’s a video in ASL that discusses all the different weather you might encounter on a spring walk: Link
  • Here are some fun spring snacks to make together:  Link

One of the exciting snacks I will definitely be adding to my snack rotation are the “Apple Donuts”!!!!!

For our older friends here are some great words to add to your vocabulary rotation from Merriam Webster about Spring(Because you can only practice learning about the words “sun, flower and bird” for so long!): Link

What fun spring activities do you have planned?

Together we can,

Ms. Leslie