Meet our Professional Advisory Board

Professional Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board helps CA H&V Board of Directors gain new insights and explore new opportunities by stimulating robust, high-quality conversations thanks to their diverse professional and lived experiences.

Michelle Hu

Dr. Michelle Hu - Au. D. / DHH Adult

Anna Phillips

Anna Phillips - Professional at CEID / DHH Adult

Mallorie Evans

Mallorie Evans - Educational Audiologist, Professional

Dr. Carvalho

Dr. Carvalho
Pediatric Otolaryngologist

Julie Rems-Smario

Julie Rems-Smario - CDE Rep / DHH Adult

Syndi Lyon

Syndi Lyon - Southern California Family Camp Co-Director, General Ed Teacher

Kristal Molina

Kristal Molina - Southern California Family Camp Co-Director,
ASL Interpreter

Griselle Ramirez

Griselle Ramirez - Parent Links Representative

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