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Facebook Discussion Group

  • California Hands & Voices’ Facebook Group is a safe place for members to ask questions, celebrate victories, share resources and connect statewide! Members who answer the three questions usually get approved within 24 hours. We invite you to join today to connect with and give and receive support from other California families!

Facebook Official Page

  • Our Facebook Page is our organization’s main page. Our board members post news and announcements relating to California Hands & Voices. So come here to learn about events we host, meetings we have, and resources that we create or recommend.




Extend your community beyond California

Hands & Voices headquarters runs multiple groups so that you can network with families who are on a similar journey as you.

Hands & Voices Facebook Page

Facebook Manos y Voces

Facebook Military Support Group

Facebook Deaf Plus Group

Facebook Unilateral Group

Facebook Fostering Joy

  • Fostering Joy provides support and resources for families to positively engage in the growth and development of a child who is D/HH.

A Word on Hashtags

Hashtags are a great tool on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to categorize conversations. When a hashtag is used, it links to all other posts that have used the same hashtag. If you’re discussing California Hands & Voices on social media, we want to see it!

Get creative and have fun!

Use these standardized hashtags as a guide: (note: there is no and or & in the hashtags below).

  • For all things California Hands & Voices
  • Family Camp Hashtags – Please use both the general tag and the specific location!
  • Events & Families
  • Anytime Share! Journey Updates & Family Pics

Double the tags are double the fun!

Thank you to every family who came to NorthernCaliforniaFamilyCamp! We hope you walked away with new friendships and new resources! Did you know we host two other CaHandsVoicesFamilyCamp locations? More info on InlandValleyFamilyCamp and SouthernCaliforniaFamilyCamp will be sent out through E-blast. We’d love to see updates on your journey throughout year using the hashtag MyCaHandsVoices.