Life Skills

Hello Friends,

        Hands &  Voices is supporting you and your child on your journey!

This week and next on #TogetherThursday, we are going to touch on #LifeSkills.

In supporting DHH children we often focus on self-advocacy, which looks like ensuring that DHH children understand their own access to spaces, conversations, friendships and opportunities.

There are also other ways to empower our DHH youth with independence and life skills!

One such building block is the ability to read a map.

  • Why is this valuable when we use things like google maps and waze?
    Here is an article from PBS that discusses why map reading is important as a skill: Link
  • How can you practice this skill at home? For our younger friends 

Everything from exploring types of transportation, learning the names of streets and signs, early literacy and exploration! 

Discussions on alternative fuels, sustainable transportation options, various roadways, infrastructure and more!

How do you do daily transportation and map reading integration in your home?

Together, We Can,

Ms. Leslie