O.U.R. Project 2020 – Child Safety

Update from Nancy Grosz Sager
Coordinator for the O.U.R. Project in CA.

2020 was a weird year for all of us, to say the least.

The 2020 O.U.R. Toy Story Quilt was finished, and was supposed to be presented at the Southern California California Hands & Voices camp in May, but the camp was sadly canceled because of COVID. Next year!!!

O.U.R had three webinars during COVID. First, on April 14, Jennifer Johnson of the Child Safety Collaborative presented a webinar called “Promoting Emotional Safety During Uncertain Times.” Times were uncertain, but we had NO IDEA how long things would be uncertain. Here we are in December and the Stay-at-home order is still in place! In September and October, Erika Leonard of Kidpower presented a two-part workshop on “Bullying” – including cyber-bullying. And on December 2, Cora Shahid (California) and Beth Jones (Nevada) presented a workshop on “Fostering Joy” for Hands & Voices Region 9.

Cora Shahid and/or Nancy Sager have been able to participate in the monthly O.U.R. Zoom calls. In November, Nancy Sager presented to the O.U.R. Group about the process for planning for an O.U.R. Webinar.

The California Hands & Voices O.U.R. Web page continues to be updated by Cora Shahid, Johanna Wonderly, and our webmaster, Sherry Freitas.