Parent – Grace

I just wanted to thank everyone who reached out and offered advice and support when I posted about my district suddenly removing my son from the case load of our (now previous) ES provider. I want to especially thank Johanna Wonderly, Rhonda Savage, and Nancy Grosz Sager, who each provided me personal help and invaluable information. This morning the program director emailed me back and let me know that they’re reaching out to local providers. Here’s hoping we will be back on track soon. Thanks again, all!

Grace B.

Sacramento Dad

We love going to the Northern California Hands & Voices Camp. It's always a lot of fun! Our family enjoys meeting other parents of DHH children and the kids can not stop talking about it for weeks after. The Facebook group has a lot of interesting topics, and our family loves the support. keep on rocking!

Sacramento Dad

Deaf Plus Parent

Finding out that our second child was Deaf brought new and unexpected challenges to our family. We all learned to sign, but since everyone else in our family is hearing it is not always easy. Our family has found encouragement from other families with DHH children at CA H&V events such as park days, ice cream socials, and family camp-outs. Getting to know other families, sharing in the joys and struggles of raising a DHH child, and practicing our signing has better equipped us to confidently move forward together as a family, Thanks to programs and events from CA H&V, we have learned ways to help our Deaf child feel validated instead of isolated. We are grateful for the CA H&V support and programming that reaches out to families like ours.

~ Parent of Deaf Plus child, who attend California School for the Deaf in Riverside

Myra C., Encinitas, CA


I am forever grateful for the support provided by Hands & Voices. Hands & Voices was always a valuable resource for the families I taught while working as a DHH Parent/Infant teacher for 27 years. I have connected families who found friendships, advocacy and support. Some have become very active as part of Hands & Voices outreach and training. It is so uplifting to see the confidence and knowledge each family has gained by being connected to H&V. Currently, as a professor in graduate studies for DHH teachers, I include Hands & Voices as a “must” in the resource teachers will present to families. I emphasize the unbiased way in which the Hands & Voices group presents information which empowers parents to make decisions and find the answers they need on their journey. Making sure that teachers connect families to Hands & Voices is an essential tool to mentor and guide them.

~ Adjunct Professor for Graduate Studies for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teachers at Cal Lutheran University. Retired LAUSD Teacher for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Professor & Teacher

Deaf Adult

My success as a deaf adult is hugely credited to my parents. My confidence as an (deaf) adult was a direct result of their unfaltering high expectations, patience, work-ethic, and persistence in ensuring that I had equal access to education and the opportunity to receive quality education. This was important to them, and was drilled into me at a young age. Resources and information was critical to my mother in the early stages of identification, and she did it successfully without the internet or social media. These days, we have an abundant net of resources that is available to parents, and we need to encourage parents to take advantage of it, and to know how to filter through information that will be applicable to their family and home life. CA H&V is one incredible group that strives to do just that.

I tell new families that I meet: "Whatever expectations, hopes, and dreams you had for your child before they were born/identified, should not change. If you put the barrier there, it will just make it harder."

~ Deaf Adult - Profound sensorineural hearing loss in both ears

Anna Phillips


As the parent of a child with deafness and additional disabilities, making language a priority in the educational system was often difficult and often continues to be. It takes an enormous effort to advocate in order for professionals to see our children with multiple special needs and sensory differences, as worthy of investing in and educating them on the child’s unique needs. Through my parenting journey, not only did I help my son find his “voice” in American Sign Language, I also found my own both as a mother and as an adult with my own hearing loss. It is true that our children not only learn from us but that we learn from them. With such a large percentage of children with hearing loss also having additional special needs and disabilities, the “Deaf Plus” community is inexplicably underserved and their potential is often underestimated. It has become a passion of mine to advocate for these children in our DHH community. If not for my son, I’d never have known the amazing families I have been able to meet. Thank you California Hands and Voices for being so willing to help me help others.

Kristen, parent


As a teacher of the deaf, I am grateful for California Hands & Voices. The support and education that is provided to families really impacts educational programming. Empowered parents can always overcome the “we don’t provide that” mentality that some school districts might have. Parents do help us make the changes that is necessary in our field. Thank you!

Orange County Teacher

DHH Adult & CI recipient

CA H&V is an excellent, informative and welcoming group for DHH children, adults and their family members. I love learning and growing from the different perspectives shared and also having a space to vent (and many times inspire) others on their own hearing loss journey.

~ DHH adult, bilateral cochlear implant recipient, pediatric audiologist

Michelle H. Lapid

Early Start

I am always grateful for the feeling of belonging and family that California Hands & Voices gives me. I am happy to support how I can. I wholeheartedly support your mission and vision and work hard to ensure all families make informed choices. Your families are what I envision my families will one day be, empowered, informed and inspired.

Early Start Professional