We are there for you.

In tonight’s parent break out (during the LEAD-K Family Services webinar), so many expressed the need for more emotional support in navigating their child’s identification.

Some expressed that during this time of COVID it is exceptionally difficult.

“I hope you know our community of parents is here for you. On your good days and on your bad days. We get it, we’ve been in those trenches too, and we aren’t afraid to crawl back in and go through it side by side with you.

I shared this resource, because of the healing effects it had on my grieving mama heart. And helped me process all I was going through. “The Silent Garden by Paul Ogden. A couple of weeks after finishing the book I had the honor and surprise of meeting Paul in person. I burst into tears of gratitude.

We are here for you, your CA H&V regional reps are here for you, our members are here for you.” 

Quote from Johanna Wonderly. 
ASTra Coordinator (Advocacy program)  

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