Welcome Winter

Hands & Voices is here to support you and your family as we move into Winter!! #TogetherThursday this week is highlighting winter wear and winter access!!

Winter wonderlands are here and everywhere, with cold fronts everywhere how do we keep our kiddos warm and also able to access the world around them?

For younger friends there is a variety of winter wear to consider from pilot caps to adjusting knit caps to fit hearing aids and CIs! You can adjust regular caps and knit ones to fit. Here is a forum on Reddit that discusses patterns for hearing aids.

And here are some recommendations for how to figure out regular hats.

There are also some options on Etsy.

For everyone here are some great tips: winter wear tips.

In addition for those who communicate using ASL, consider options for keeping hands warm, hydrated, and ready to sign in the winter months: Winter skin care tips

While these tips are for infants, I think these tips are great for any age, including myself 🙂

Consider warm gloves that have fingers instead of mittens to allow for signing and homemade handwarmers that are reusable with rice and an old fluffy shirt! 

What are your family winter hacks? Lets all stay warm this winter with full access while we play in the crisp cold air 🙂

Together we can,

Ms. Leslie