Hello Friends! Hands & Voices is here to support YOU and your family on your journey you are on with your DHH child.

This week for #TogetherThursday we will be exploring various forms of Art.

Art in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community is very important. I will not speak for them, as I myself am hearing, but will instead highlight various artists that express themselves in different Media.

  • Art is complex, often undefined, but is often one of the most powerful forms of expression for children. Here is an article from PBS(whom I LOVE to gather information from) about why art is important for childhood development

Alternatively, Art can be combined with anything from music to engineering. Looking at the Wikipedia page for Art it includes everything: Visual Art(Painting, sculpture and architecture), Performing arts (Music, Theatre, Film, Dance), Literature and even “Interactive Media”

There are a number of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Artists in each and every one of these branches of Art that you can explore with your child:

The arts are an amazing way for Deaf children to express themselves, start small with any projects, music, movement or viewing art together in any form. 

What kind of art do you like sharing with your Deaf/Hard of Hearing child?

Together we can,

Ms. Leslie