Hello Friends! Hands & Voices is here to support YOU and your family on your journey you are on with your DHH child.

This week for #TogetherThursday we will be exploring textures. 

Children love exploring textures from an early age! However, did you know that children of all ages can explore different textures and fidgets! There are even “toys” geared for focus in adults.

  • Starting with the littles, an article “Learning Through Textures: How and Why this is Important”: Link

Key Take away: Touch and Texture expose children to the world around them, this can be incorporated into Language, Motor(Fine and Gross), Independence skills, feeding and much more!

  • For Children learning spaces: “Starting a School Design Project, how to build contemporary learning spaces that spark curiosity, playful collaboration and engagement”

Key Take Away(at the bottom under “Quick Tips”):

Provide different materials and locations for explorations, mix colors, textures and shapes for exploration of the environment itself to stimulate learning and engagement

  • To get started at home taking a look at something like this: Link

Creating a “texture walk”!

  • Finally leaving with how, as children grow, we often see children “fidget” and in need of that input, an article from Understood about “Why Kids Fidget”: Link

Key Take away:

Kids fidget for different reasons, but also need that input because they may need to tap, touch and move around.

Especially in Distance learning and Hybrid, how can we support even ourselves in learning and listening through texture/sensory input?

  • Here is a DIY fidget toy list for you to make at home!: Link

What kinds of Texture experiences are you trying in your house? Share a recipe or instructions for something you use in your home below!

Together we can

Ms. Leslie