Back to School 1

Hello Friends,

       California Hands &  Voices is supporting you and your child on your journey!

This month on #TogetherThursday, we are going to do a series on Back to School! Yes, it is in fact, that time again, back to school. What might this look like for you and your child as you transition out of summer?

  • Lets break down transitions and support for getting back into a routine at each age group:
    For our younger friends 
  • Having a slow transition into a new schedule, planning ahead, having visual/auditory cues for transitions, and other great tips!
    For our school age friends
  • Activities that involve discussions about upcoming changes, using books as tools for socio-emotional learning, diversity and more to prepare for the upcoming school year and changes.
    Finally, for our oldest friends

Step by step guides on support for parents in having shared roles during transitions and having your teen become an active part of their own journey.

How are you preparing for back to school at the moment?

Together, We Can,

Ms. Leslie