Back to School 2

Hello Friends,

       California Hands &  Voices is supporting you and your child on your journey!

This month on #TogetherThursday, we are going to do a series on Back to School! 

As we move into back to school, most places are starting out with in-person as the primary option. Lets review what that potentially looks like for our DHH children:

  • From Hands and Voices- “ReThinking Deaf and Hard of Hearing Accessibility in Post  COVID-19 Classrooms”- Link
  • From Phonak-Guideline, COVID-19 Sanitization of Roger products in classrooms: Link
  • From Advanced Bionics-Tips: Putting on Face Masks with Cochlear Implants(has for Hearing Aids as well)- Link
  • From Connect Hear-Accessories for Comfort around HA/CIs DIY and other suggestions: Link
  • Here is also a toolkit(In Multiple languages from Spanish to Burmese) regarding how to encourage mask wearing: Link
  • If you’re looking into accessible masks here is a comprehensive list: Link

Stay strong, stay safe.

Together, We Can,

Ms. Leslie