Hello Friends! Welcome to a new week of:::::::: #WeCanWednesday, which is officially changing to #TogetherThursdays brought to you by #CaHandsVoices, because I realized Wednesdays are not working….

Thing to Think About this Week:

Celebrations. Holidays, Birthdays, Religious Events, Milestones. How are you marking this time with your family during Shelter in Place? How are you celebrating these still important times with your family? How are these events more or less accessible for your DHH child? Access to important events is always something to think about.

  • Baby Cake Smashes for One Year Olds over Zoom, or Purees For the First Time videos with food everywhere to share with family members
  • Toddlers who pose for pictures, or play in the house, capture those moments of exploration, the times when they run for the first time, how they still fit under that chair and sharing them on social media or privately with family.
  • Elementary Kiddos can help you prepare for the event, plan for video zoom calls for a birthday party, dress up for a theme, prepare a snack for a shared snack time over Zoom with a friend to celebrate the end of the school year.
  • Middle schoolers can set up their own Digital Birthday Party, their own End of the Year hang out by learning a video platform themselves and learn the accessibility features they need to use to connect and (Google Meet is rolling out on Personal Gmails and they have Live AI Captions that are great and the video quality for ASL or Cued speech is great and free!)
  • High Schoolers can learn about important family events coming up or planned in the summer such as Family Reunions, Older Relative’s Birthdays and come up with a creative plan to celebrate and organize: Have everyone write letters and mail them, create a video together, make a slideshow with older or scanned pictures of past important family events to share and talk about memories together.

Its been hard for everyone, supporting each other is the key to get through this.

What big celebration are you planning this week? ? 🙂

We can, together,


Ms. Leslie