Connecting outside the Home

Hello Friends! Welcome to a new week of:::::::: #WeCanWednesday brought to you by #CaHandsVoices, on Thursday again because I swear I thought today was Wednesday, yesterday was a blur, apologies folks!

Thing to Think About this Week:

Connecting. How do you connect with each other? How do you connect with others outside your home right now? How can you make that accessible for your DHH child?Learning and Language with your child is modeled in a variety of ways with a variety of people, especially those who are fluent in Native languages you’d love your child to be fluent in, if that is your own Native language, ASL or something new, connecting with community and family is a great way to support language learning. Access is key.

  • Baby Video Chat with Relatives through any Platform that can be accessible
  • Toddlers watching through windows and waving to the Post Office Worker or Neighbor
  • Elementary Kiddos can write letters to friends or make posters/signs to put up in the window for people on the street to see with their own drawings and thoughts
  • Middle schoolers can learn a video platform themselves and learn the accessibility features they need to use to connect with friends and family(Google Meet is rolling out on Personal Gmails and they have Live AI Captions that are great and the video quality for ASL or Cued speech is great and free!)
  • High Schoolers can put together a video to send to relatives and film themselves, or make a short “daily life” video of encouragement to friends, use Tik Tok or something similar and send daily check ins to family and friends alike, even in the same house!

Even if its five or ten minutes this week that you have to connect with those around you and those outside your home is a huge feat. Its been hard for everyone, supporting each other is the key to get through this.How will you connect outside our home this week? ? 🙂

We can, together,


Ms. Leslie