“Dinner Table Syndrome”

Hands & Voices is here to support you and your family as we move further into Holiday Season. #TogetherThursday this week is highlighting family time and access for DHH children: How do we support them to advocate for themselves during dinner times, everyday and also during extended family dinners?

Key Take aways: Having a child state things as simple as “I can “hear” you better when I see you” and “Sitting closer helps me understand” supports children in social settings and as they begin to enter the classroom. Also understanding their own equipment is important! 

Key Take aways: Skills build on each other and change based on the situation. Your DHH child should understand their equipment and how to best maximize their access in these different spaces.

Key Take aways: Getting Ready to get out into the world, what are skills that they need to access all spaces and places? What information should they know to gain access to their school? Workplace?

Ultimately: Everyday DHH children is challenging in regards to entering a conversation. During our Zoom times we are now getting more and more concerned with access, especially as we are planning Zoom Holiday Events. Here is an article about “Dinner Table Syndrome” tied in with Zoom.

Together we can,

Ms. Leslie