Supporting DHH Children with Learning what is the Truth

Hands & Voices is here to support you and your family as we all navigate our lives through wonderful and tough times. #TogetherThursday this week is highlighting something that is often overlooked for our DHH children: How do we support them in their journey to empower themselves with good information?

Key Take aways: As children grow, they learn and understand different social “rules” and identify their own needs and wants, it takes modeling, care and guidance to support learning in a community and understanding how we support and communicate with each other.

Key Take aways: Discuss and look at things like memes and silly photoshopped photos, how much truth do these hold? What information can you gain from them? Discuss “tricky” pictures and how you can figure out what the source is and if it feels right and is from a reliable source!

Key Take aways: The four big pillars of information-Relevance, Accuracy, Bias/Perspective and Reliability. How much of the media they consume falls nicely in these pillars and is able to be evaluated as something that they can trust?

  • A great movement in the community as related to current events for DHH people is Link

They’re entire mission was/is to get neutral information out to the Deaf community in ASL with captions for accessibility to the election and ensure that all information was available. Not from one source or another, not supporting one perspective over another, simply encouraging the accessibility of information as best they could for the Deaf/HH community about elections and empowering the community to vote.

How do you support your DHH child in finding out information for themselves as they grow and learn?

Together we can,

Ms. Leslie