Emergency Preparedness

Hello Friends! Hands & Voices is here to support you and your family with whatever journey you are on with your DHH child.

#TogetherThursday this week is about emergency planning. What does that look like for your family? For your DHH child? 

Lets break it down in 1, 2, 3

  1. There are general preparedness plans that can be found on your state’s website, for California you can find a good checklist and instructions about what should be included and what kind of emergency you’re planning for.
  • There are videos that don’t have a lot of language (just labeling of each item) which can be shared with your child

Key Take aways: Checklist and items that make sense for your family

  1. What about my child? What specific things are needed for children during an emergency?
  • The CDC has a website that includes where emergency kits should be kept because families are always on the go!

Key Take aways: Kits for children who are identified with other needs should include everything they need as much as possible and kept in different places such as the car, the home and your workplace

  1. What about my DHH child’s devices and upkeep during an emergency?
  • This is a blog that has a list of things to include in your emergency kit

Key Take aways: Extra batteries, and if you have an old pair of hearing aids put those in there because you can use those in a “pinch” if something happens to your child’s new ones!

Ultimately: Planning for emergencies is on a case by case basis and we want everyone to stay safe and healthy!

What’s in your emergency kit at home for your DHH child??

Together we can,

Ms. Leslie