Hello Friends! Hands & Voices is here to support you and your family with whatever journey you are on with your DHH child. 

#TogetherThursday this week is about Modeling.

When we’re on this journey with DHH children, there is constant discussion about Modeling. Modeling this, modeling that. Modeling, model, model.

There are different types of modeling! Language and several others!

The modeling we focus most on in the DHH world is language modeling because of the importance of language development and exposure.

  • Here is a resource for LSL(Listening and Spoken Language) strategies: Link
  • Here is a resource for ASL(American Sign Language) strategies: Link

Important to note: Strategies from either of these resources can be used in multiple languages and also across Sign Language as well. For example, “Describe Actions and Thoughts” can be done in LSL and in ASL, its not exclusive. Conversely, the Stages of Language development are not exclusive to ASL, there are those for all languages.

  • For the next “types” of modeling there are three major areas: social/emotional skills, intellectual growth, physical development: Link

Important to note: While this resource discusses “Grades PreK-2” it can be expanded to any age! Habits that we have are ones that children are paying attention to and internalizing, so there are different areas that we can keep in mind and support. 

Ultimately-You are doing a great job with your child, modeling happens both intentionally and unintentionally, and think about what kinds of habits you’d like to see in your own life and in your child’s life overall.

What kinds of modeling do you do in your home? What kinds of modeling will you be trying out? Please share below 🙂

Together we can,

Ms. Leslie