Exercise/ Movement and Mindfulness

Hello Friends,

Welcome back to another #TogetherThursday! In addition welcome back to school! 

Whether you have stayed with Distance Learning, gone hybrid, are in person, or decided to Pod, you are making the best choices you can for your family at this time. Lets all lift each other and share what is working.

This week what I wanted to share was resources on physical movement! While we are all trying to figure out how to keep our DHH children in their best academic selves, we must also look for them to be their best physical selves too.

How do we do that when we’re inside?

There is a fantastic movement website/app called, “Go Noodle” that I LOVE. I learned about it when I was an intern at a school for the Deaf and used it myself in the classroom on rainy days for movement. All videos are captioned, they’re all visual movement based with models of all shapes, backgrounds and sizes. Recently there is also a lot of content in Spanish, and captions are available in most major languages. Accounts are FREE for families and educators, there are “points” you can earn for a character to “grow” with you when you complete a certain number of videos which is cool to motivate and keep track of progress and you can print them out and color them too! Here is the website. This website is definitely aimed at the 5-13ish crowd.

For younger friends, games in the backyard or even inside the house, jumping, jumping in place, there was a great video here which included activities developed for younger friends in China during COVID.

For older teens, there are great tik toks and youtubes that are teaching basic health and wellness .#fitness on tik tok can land you in both a fun and fact filled place.

How have you and your family finding fun safe ways to move and grow together? What new ideas are you going to try as we move into a new school year? 

We can, Together,

Ms. Leslie