Social Media

Welcome back to another #TogetherThursday! Today we’re going to feature social media, while we share on social media(haha).

I wanted to share something that I’ve learned since we’ve all been spending more time online and connecting with others through online platforms. There is something called “Doomscrolling” or “Doomsurfing“.

 What does it mean briefly? It means that there is so much going on in the world all the time and its readily accessible through our phones and social media. We find ourselves constantly in a loop of looking at “bad news” and seeing things go from “bad to worse”. 

How can we take this and support our DHH children? Social Media isn’t necessarily bad, its a tool, and like everything else, we should take this tool and shape it, bend it and adapt it to work for us and our families.

For new families:

  • If you’re finding yourself in a loop of unhelpful “comparing yourself” spaces, like pintrest and judgy parent groups, find new ones! Use hashtags, #honestparenting #fosteringjoy #rawmotherhood #deafkidsrock #deafed

For older families:

  • Finding connections and being transparent about how social media works and the pressures of society are important. Child Mind has an excellent article about discussing social media and that its not as simple as taking the phone away
  • At lot of it has to do with our own relationships and modeling, as a professional I also have to be conscious of my own presence and relationship with social media and how I’m using it and what sources I’m looking into and how deep I want to step into and out of rabbit holes, especially during this time where so much of our time is spent on media.
  • I use much of my time on social media to learn and network/connect and try my hardest to be mindful when that isn’t what I am doing on social media and just doomscrolling.

Here are some favorite pages on Facebook and Instagram I follow and learn from/am inspired by all the time:

What are you favorite pages/people? I’d love to follow some new folks and learn new things! Maybe you’ll follow and learn new things too! Add them to the comments! DHH related or not! 🙂

We can, Together,

Ms. Leslie