Fall Traditions

Hands & Voices is here for you! We continue to celebrate the month of October and the many years of Hands & Voices and explore this week’s topic, please share your favorite Fall Activities with us!

Hello Families!

      This week I wanted to discuss some great Fall activities that can be done with you and your family. As we move to toward the middle of the season there’s a lot going on in regards to schools moving to and from hybrid, the upcoming “Holiday Season” as well as choices you are making regarding your family’s well-being. What if you could re-create some awesome traditions at home and figure out fall favorites in new ways?

Some ideas that I have seen lately have been:

  • Making an “Apple Tree Picking” activity at home: Link 
  • Learning “Fall Recipes” and trying new things together: Link 
  • Writing down family recipes or reviving old family traditional recipes, and learning from history together: Link

For those who celebrate holidays during this Fall season:

  • Being mindful of costume wearing and devices related to hearing loss: Link
  • Creating an “Halloween Candy Hunt” in your own backyard in lieu of Trick or Treat: Link
  • How to Create a Candy Corn Hunt
  • Watching the movie Coco and learning about “Dia de Los Muertos”: Link
  • Watching this short animation and learning about “Diwali”, a Festival of Lights that celebrates joy and prosperity: Link

(For Older Children) Watching “Nightmare before Christmas” and having a discussion about Cultural Appropriation and honoring and supporting other cultures while holding true to who you are in your own identity, I ABSOLUTELY loved this blog that discussed using the move for this tough discussion

“Cultural sharing is a beautiful thing. Cultural appropriation is not. But the general discourse struggles with what it means, with individuals often falling somewhere on the spectrum between being nervous to even learn about a new culture out of fear of being appropriative to rejecting the whole notion of appropriation and disrespectfully tromping over another culture’s practices.”

Full Blog here

This is especially true when we(myself included) as a hearing individual are supporting our wonderful Deaf and Hard of Hearing children.

We need to embrace all different cultural identities, and support exploration, sharing and appreciation, all together, especially now.

We Can, Together,

Ms. Leslie