Hands & Voices Plus Deaf Awareness

How are you and your family celebrating big and small this #DeafAwareness season? Its also #CAH&V ‘s Birthday! So there’s lots of celebration to be had!

Hello Friends,

      Last week was such a whirlwind. Apologies on missing last week’s post! This week for #TogetherThursday (on Friday because life has happened…) will be a combo! Not only would I love to highlight Deaf Awareness, which for you and your child is everyday, but also Hands and Voices!

Deaf Awareness is something that is everyday for us as professionals and families. From the small things you have adjusted your life with to the advocacy victories you fight for in your IEPs and IFSPs. Deaf Mentors, Professionals and Adults are not only a resource but humans who you can see your child becoming with the supports all around you. Your children will look to them as role models and see themselves in them. 

Here are some fantastic pages of Deaf adults:

As mentioned you as a family, everyday is Deaf Awareness Day. Find your support network! Here at California Hands and Voices each and every family has a Deaf/Hard of Hearing member and are at different points in their journey. Everyone has a story to share and support to offer. Yes, even you! It doesn’t matter if you are at the beginning of the journey or are completely rocking it years down the line. Its a journey and we never truly arrive.

Happy Birthday to Hands and Voices and to all of YOU the amazing parents who make up California Hands and Voices. 

What are you doing to celebrate your family? All Small and big victories count on this journey!

I promise I do happy dances for each and every moment as a professional.

We Can, Together,

Ms. Leslie