Creative Problem Solving

Hello Friends,

      Welcome to this week’s #TogetherThursday! This week’s topic is about creative solutions. Have you ever looked at a situation or thought about how something was definitely not going to work out and suddenly someone or something changed slightly and it was the best time of your life or exactly the solution to make magic happen?

Think about how some situations like a last minute road trip turned out to be a life changing event. That meeting that you managed to whip up together with duct tape and hope landed the big deal. How can we support our DHH children to think creatively? How can families learn how to work toward making lemonade out of lemons? 

Resilience is a magic word. Resilience is something that can support your child recover quickly from difficulties they face. Anything from bullying to self-esteem slashers, resilence is something that can carry a child through the rest of their life.

  • From the American Psychological Association there is this article, last updated this past August which discusses ways to build resilience in children from PreK-High School
  • For our youngest friends, but many of these strategies are applicable if this if you are beginning your resilience journey with your family, is an introduction to building resilience during the period of Early Intervention or Birth-3
  • For people who want to delve deep into the topic of Resilience there are a multitude of free resources from Harvard University that can be found here

Do you consider your family and your child resilient? If so what would you recommend to families just starting out on this journey to empower themselves and their DHH child? 

We can, Together,

Ms. Leslie