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Hello Friends!

         Hands & Voices is here to support you and your family on your journey you are on with your DHH child.

As we round out a year with COVID-19, I wanted to put together a post to reflect how far we’ve come, and also highlight and celebrate you as families on #TogetherThursday.

Accessibility has and continues to be something we fight for for DHH children across the board. With Zoom and other platforms, what this looks like for interpreters, service providers and you as families varies district to district, school to school, provider to provider and across devices. 

  • When looking as schools go back in person and/or as they stay hybrid or remote take a look at this resource
  • This was taken from the COVID-19 page on CA Hands & Voices site
  • Here is a “Zoomcast” which seems to be more of the norm these days about “Parenting during a pandemic” from Harvard which discusses about challenges you’ve all faced, and how to prepare as restrictions lift

There are many positives that have come from the last year, one I have personally experienced, is the sudden transition of resources to online accessible methods. Below are some new ones for families that you may want to explore for DHH:

What resources have been most helpful for you in the last year? Share below!

Together we can,

Ms. Leslie