Hello Friends! Hands & Voices is here to support you and your family with whatever journey you are on with your DHH child.

#TogetherThursday this week is about Black History Month. As we are on this journey together, seeing others like yourself is important, this is especially true with Deaf and Hard of Hearing children.

  • There is a concept in English called “intersectionality”, that was actually coined by a woman in Academia who is Black

What is “intersectionality”?

On the surface, it is that in regards to identity, we are not simply one aspect of ourselves, we are not simply one identity, nor is one identity of ourselves more important at any given time.
Humanity is complex, and the struggles(and successes) of one aspect of identity are not indicators of the whole person.
Intersectionality addresses that these experiences may be compounded: being one AND two is a separate unique struggle and experience than simply being one OR two. 

  • In this, Being Black and Deaf is an identity that is complex, has such rich history, and is often not highlighted. National Black Deaf Advocates is an organization comprised of Black Deaf individuals. They have created an amazing resource and I’ll leave that here for you to share with your DHH child, however you wish: Black Deaf History

What ways are you seeking to learn during Black History Month with your family?

Together we can,

Ms. Leslie