Opening Schools

Hello Friends,

       #TogetherThursday will continue to share resources. As we think about what school may look like in the fall. I hope to share some resources that may be helpful to you and your family as you make decisions that are best for you, and that even if you feel that you may not have a choice, that you can find support in finding what you need to support your DHH child with their education.

This week I wanted to highlight resources related to either if you are sending your child back to school or if distance learning is what your district is moving forward with.

If you are sending your child back to school here are some resources:

If your district is moving forward with distance learning, here are some resources for you to consider within your home and with your IEP/IFSP teams:

As we continue on this journey together, and I do mean together, please know that every educator I know is grappling with how to best serve you and your child. We are fighting everyday to find the best solutions to ensure we can support your child and keep them safe.

Please share any and all resources you have found to share with your teams about your child’s needs and how we can best support students, whether its Distance Learning, Hybrid or Social Distanced in the Classroom.

We can, Together,

Ms. Leslie