Sesame Street works for all ages

Hello Friends,

 #TogetherThursday will be sharing resources over the next few weeks about different topics to support you as parents. If you have a favorite resource or would like to see something covered please share!

This week I wanted to highlight Sesame Street. Read me out (see what I did there…not “hear me out” 🙂 ):

Sesame Street works for all ages. 

Even if your middle school child or high schooler is going to think its “baby stuff”. Sesame street is currently holding town halls about current events and explaining complex topics like everyone is 5. I as a professional learn new ways to break down tough or complex topics while watching Sesame Street and am constantly watching children’s programming to learn how others are breaking down complex topics such as friendship, family, distance, love, building relationships and more. Sesame street has tackled so many topics from foster parenting to muppets who have different learning styles. I often talk to parents about how I learn from Sesame street and that I often watch the resource first before sharing with someone. I would start with watching or reading something and see if it is the right fit for your family!

Sesame Street has many resources available for free here. These resources in particular are geared toward Early Learners and young Elementary age children.

The video resources on the website are not captioned sadly, however on the CNN main website you can find many of the Sesame Street town halls captioned including the one on COVID and the one regarding the recent BLM movement. This resource is geared toward Elementary Students, however in my professional groups we have been discussing using them with our middle school and high school students to begin a conversation with our DHH students, especially for those who are coming in without much of a background into these complex conversations.

I will leave you with my favorite resource from Sesame Street of which I have been recommending to some families looking to set up “playdates” over Zoom sessions with families of younger children: “Sesame Street Activity of the Week: Play Games over Video Chat”

Please let me know if you’d like to see any specific resource or topic highlighted in the next few weeks. We have some other great ones in the wings ready and would LOVE to read through any and all recommendations for what has worked for YOUR family.

We can, Together,

Ms. Leslie