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       #TogetherThursday will continue to share resources over the next few weeks about different topics to support you as parents. If you have a favorite resource or would like to see something covered please share!

This week I wanted to highlight internal H&V Resources for parents.  More specifically I wanted to highlight support programs for tough conversations. 

One such program is the O.U.R Project. 

Discussions about consent with your own body can start very young and continue to be a growing and changing conversation based on your own family background, understanding, traditions, values and language.

Ultimately what we all want on our team between professionals and parents is to support our DHH children with knowing that they are cared for and supported and that they can trust to communicate however they can about things such as:

  • Bullying
  • Sexuality
  • Digital Safety in Online Spaces

I wanted to post the introduction to the O.U.R, (Observe, Understand and Respond) Children’s Safety Project here:

“We don’t like to think about it, but our kids who are deaf or hard of hearing are at a higher risk for both abuse and neglect. Like any children, they are at risk.  As children who might not always be able to communicate easily and fluently, or understand the nuances of conversation with neighbors, caregivers, or strangers, they are at an even higher risk of being victims of someone, somewhere… 

If we can stop that cycle with even one child, one family… our efforts are more than worthwhile. “

O.U.R. Project

O.U.R. Toolkit

Please let me know if you’d like to see any specific resource or topic highlighted in the next few weeks. We have some other great ones in the wings ready and would LOVE to read through any and all recommendations for what has worked for YOUR family.

We can, Together,

Ms. Leslie