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This week on #TogetherThursday we are exploring stickers!

Stickers have been very popular lately and honestly have a always been a big part of growing up.

Key Take aways-Stickers are great for fine motor skills, there are different techniques to help get started including doing a partial peel at the beginning to encourage your child

Key Take aways: Dot stickers are AMAZING for anyone K-6th grade, from art, math to reading you can make activities at home to support your child’s development in a variety of ways with really easy sticker dots. Personal favorite is making a caterpillar with dots after putting a “head” with a marker and making patterns!

There are thousands of “digital stickers” that you can use with your child that are FREE, cool looking and there are many many artists that are designing stickers right now, encourage your child to design their own!

How do you use stickers in your home? Does your child like stickers?

Together, We can,

Ms. Leslie