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This week on #TogetherThursday we are promoting a parent (Thank you!!!!! Keep them coming!!) suggested topic: Travel Tips!

What does travelling look like for you as a family with a DHH child? 

Here are some tips for air travel from Advanced Bionics for CIs

 7 Tips for travelling with a DHH child

It was asked about “Deaf friendly places to travel”, and what I wanted to share, was fantastic Deaf adults who share their stories and travels online:

Various Theme Parks have support for Deaf/Hard of Hearing:

From interpreters that rotate/can be requested to FM Systems these are things that can be looked into when making a reservation(especially now when restrictions are starting to lift, and reservations are often required).

  • Under the National Association for the Deaf there is a list of accommodations for public and private spaces such as restaurants to ensure accessibility: Link

Where are you thinking of traveling when its safe? What kinds of plans supported your family in the past?

We can, together,

Ms. Leslie