#TogetherThursday is Now on our Website

ANNOUNCEMENT – #TogetherThursday is Now on our Website

#TogetherThursday is a weekly resource blog that was created by our amazing CA Hands & Voices Advisory Board Member Leslie Manjarrez out of the early shelter in place period.

This blog is tailored to highlight free resources and topics to parents of Deaf/Hard of Hearing children through videos, articles, links to further reading, activities and more. #TogetherThursday has grown to feature monthly themes that have included Deaf Awareness, School Readiness, Deaf LGBTQ+, and Seasonal DHH supports.

Please reach out to suggest future topics, resources and individuals to feature! Ms. Leslie looks forward to hearing from you!

From the California Hands & Voices Team, THANK YOU Leslie!
We (families) are so incredibly lucky you picked a career to support DHH children and their families AND We (CA H&V) are so blessed you give so much of your heart to our team and the families we serve. THANK YOU!

Visit the Website link here