Parent Reading

Hello Friends!
As we welcome a new year with new challenges and the ups and downs of life this month will be focused on readings for Parents.

There is A LOT of reading for parents, from CA Hands & Voice’s own Communicator to books and articles from the Medical Community

Here on #TogetherThursday we’ll start out with two writings from parents in the general community of children with Disabilities.

There is an essay/poem that you may or may not have come across yet that is often shared with parents, that I will here called, “Welcome to Holland”.

In the world of DHH and of children who have differences, we all speak of life and the path we all walk together as a Journey. One which most parents who are part of having a DHH child (and one with other differences) where not expecting to take. This poem gives analogy and feeling from a parent perspective about that shift that you take

There is a lot of discussion about this essay/poem as well, which discusses the difference in looking at everything through a certain lens, one of gifts or of constant positivity and naming that things can also be hard.

This is also valid, this journey that we’re on comes with a lot of work, parents put in the most work, they’re the people who raise our DHH children and manage to piece together every professional’s thoughts and perspectives over the course of the child’s life. There are also many challenges that come up within that. That perspective is here

What is something that you’ve read as a parent that has had an impact for you and your family?

We can, together,
Ms. Leslie