Tracking your Child

Hello Friends,

Welcome again to #TogetherThursday! Today’s topic as we are all mostly back at school in one way or another and I know its on everyone’s mind: How do I know my child is on track?????

 Between Zoom, Microsoft teams, Seesaw, Google Classroom, Pearslides, EdPuzzle, Class Dojo and the millions of other digital tools out there….how do I know my child is learning what they are suppose to right now? Powerful tools you can use as parents are using the milestones and standards, the benchmarks and goals that we have for children across the board in many different subject areas. Many parents tell me: But I am not an educator! Can you break that down for me? What does that actually look like?

 While there are many areas of development today we’ll focus on the two BIG areas: 

Language and Mathematics

  • When starting out with an infant it is vital in California to understand the progression of language milestones, which regardless of modality should be met under SB 210 between the ages of 0-5. These can be found here
  • A GREAT tracker for many different milestones can be found here from the CDC (In both English and Spanish)
  • For these young friends up to age 5 there is also the Early Math Project which discusses the progression of mathematics development between ages 0-5 as well which can be found here

This resource actually shows how different aspects of mathematics learning in infancy/toddlerhood tie into elementary mathematics! Both are important, especially for our DHH children as often we focus so much on the language aspect of their development we overshadow other aspects of learning.

For others in Elementary, Middle and High School there are these FANTASTIC PDFs which break down the common core standards and make them easy to understand for parents and give examples as well as a summary about the goals per grade level. They are also available in English and Spanish.

Here is the link for the Roadmaps for English/Language Arts

Here is the link for the Roadmaps for Mathematics

I hope these help you put together what your child is learning and can help support your family in understanding how your child is building toward this learning in their own way whether its in the mainstream setting, at the school for the Deaf or any setting in between.

Share any favorite ways that support knowing how your child is doing below! 

We can, Together,

Ms. Leslie