Hello Friends!

Welcome to a new week of:::::::: #WeCanWednesday…on Thursday because this week has been packed and days are hard to keep track of….living that #ShelterinPlaceLife right….brought to you by #CaHandsVoices!

Thing to Think About this Week: Games. What was your favorite game as a child? How do you want to share that with your own DHH child? Is it watching a game? Playing a game? Team Game? One on One? Video games?

Learning and Language with your child is often meaningful through things you are excited to share yourself. This can be done in all modalities: in ASL, in your Oral home language, in Cued Speech. The important pieces are modeling and access for your child. Access is key.

  • Baby Games can be peek a boo over Video Chat with Grandma
  • Toddler games can be hide and seek under covers with tickles
  • Elementary can be making up a game and rules
  • Middle school can be pulling out an old board game or a puzzle together
  • High School can be watching sports teams, or a sports movie and having a conversation about whats going on with the rules and players.

Even if its five or ten minutes this week that you have with your child to share your favorite activity, you’re doing a great job. Its been hard for everyone keeping a balance between family, work, and yourself.

What was your favorite game as a child that you’ve shared with your own child or you look forward to sharing? ?:)

We can, together,


Ms. Leslie