Deaf Awareness Month

Hello Friends,

California Hands &  Voices is here to support you and your child on your journey, through all the ups and downs. 

Most importantly: Know that as you walk this journey you are never alone and you are now part of a community, one that is not just widespread, but in fact, worldwide.

This whole week, in case you had not yet come across the news, is actually International Deaf Awareness Week! Learn about this year’s theme here: Link

The National Deaf Center says it best here:

What we mean when we say “deaf”

The National Deaf Center is using the term deaf in an all-inclusive manner, to include people who may identify as deaf, deafblind, deafdisabled, hard of hearing, late-deafened, and hearing impaired. NDC recognizes that for many individuals, identity is fluid and can change over time or with setting. NDC has chosen to use one term, deaf, with the goal of recognizing experiences that are shared by all members of our diverse communities while also honoring all of our differences.”

Learn more and watch a powerful video.

This means that your DHH child and how they identify can and will change over time, depending on who they’re with, how they choose to communicate, the communities they interact with and where they are. What works for the DHH person is what makes the choice right. Always.

There are many DHH world travelers who have vlogs to inspire others to follow their wanderlust and someday that might just be your child because: Today, specifically, September 23rd is International Sign Languages Day! Did you know that there are 200+ Sign Languages around the world?? 

Learn more from the World Federation for the Deaf.

What have you learned this month during Deaf Awareness that you’d like to share with other parents? Share below!

Together we can,

Ms. Leslie