End of the School Year

Hello Friends,

      Hands &  Voices is supporting you and your child on your journey, wherever that may take you.

This week on #TogetherThursday, lets check in about transitions!

During this year, and as we approach a break, how do we support our children through transitions? 

  • For our youngest friends: Key Take Aways-Establishing Routines supports daily transitions and helps with building independence! Link
  • Key Take Aways-Working toward how and when saying goodbye as part of the routine in drop offs, pick ups and bigger transitions can support social emotional growth Link 
  • For our school age friends: Key Take Aways-Taking the time to “Preview” and have choice is important with school age friends! Anticipating transitions of all kinds will help with their growth and independence over time and with understanding their own needs Link 
  • For our older crowd: Key Take Aways-Consider having a high school age child do a self-reflection project with key questions-What is important to them? What do they want to achieve? What and How do they want to achieve that/those goals? What kinds of supports will they need along the way? Link  

What do you do in your home to support transitions big and small? In both the daily routine and in life?

Please share below!

Together, We Can,

Ms. Leslie