Hello Friends,

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This week on #TogetherThursday, lets talk about Summer plans!

What things are you looking forward to as we move into warm weather?

Beach activities and Devices! What tips and tricks do you have for families?

  • Here is some tips about protecting hearing aids: Link
  • Here is a blog from a parent about CI wear at the beach: Link
  •  See a fun ASL Story about the beach here: Link

How about some camping? Planning a trip or hoping to sign up for a camp for your child?

  • Check out the list of camps that may be available in the summer time: Link

(Some may have an online component this year if that’s what you’re looking for this summer as well!)

  • Here is a blog written by an adult who is Deaf with tips about how to prepare for camping: Link

What fun things are you looking forward to with your family?

Please share below!

Together, We Can,

Ms. Leslie