Hello Friends!

Welcome to a new week of:::::::: #WeCanWednesday brought to you by #CaHandsVoices!

Only one thing for today: Time
Time can be given freely but often time is limited. What is often important is not the amount of time that you and your child have, its about looking for small moments to share together, however brief.

Learning and Language with your child is all about those moments you have, maybe it will seem routine for you, or only part of structure, but the important parts of your daily life are what will be important for your child.

All of these examples can be done in all modalities:  in ASL, in your Oral home language, in Cued Speech. The important pieces are modeling and access for your child.

  • Time with your baby: Bath time, washing, bubbles, pouring, playing, all important foundational skills
  • Time with your toddler: Bedtime Routines, books, songs, learning to put on PJs independently, brushing their teeth
  • Time with your PreK kiddo: Preparing a snack together, getting things for you(safely!) from the fridge or cupboard
  • Time with your Elementary Child: Watch with them from a window and have a conversation about things happening outside, ask them about their thoughts and feelings about being inside
  • Time with your Middle School Child: Sit down with them and have them become responsible for something new or different in your daily or weekly routine, maybe the grocery list before you leave, or taking an inventory of different essential items for your home that you need to re-stock or make.
  • Time with your High Schooler: Over a meal have a conversation about they’re thoughts on whats going on, what they’re opinion is about their changes to their routine: how this has affected their schoolwork, sports, friend 

Even if its five or ten minutes this week that you have with your child to slow down, you’re doing a great job. Its been hard for everyone keeping a balance between family, work, and yourself.

If anyone wants to share some small moments in your home this week please share!!! 🙂

We can, together,


Ms. Leslie