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This week on #TogetherThursday, lets loop back to intersectionality, but from a different lens.

June is Pride Month in a few different places including the U.S.

Here is a WONDERFUL resource that is titled, “An age-by-age guide to talking to your kids about gender” that starts from age 0-3 and extends into early teens:  Link

I think my favorite quote/takeaway so far is-”Saying “Everyone’s equal” isn’t nearly as useful as statements like “It used to be that women weren’t allowed to do certain jobs, but today women can do any job, and we’re glad about that” or “Some people say that boys shouldn’t cry, but in our family we know that it’s healthy to feel your feelings.” Tying statements to your family’s values with this language helps kids to focus on your messages above those they receive through media or classmates, because they feel invested in your family.”

What if your child has thoughts or feelings that are new for you and your family?

Here is an article from the Mayo Clinic

Finally, what does this mean for your DHH child overall? Are there resources? We have touched on being Deaf AND another identity, and good news friends, there are resources out there for you and your child.

Everything from Deaf Queer Resources to Organizations based on culture/racial identities and more.

If you’d like to learn more about the Deaf Queer Resource Center

Shine Bright friends, Summer has started and its beautiful. Share any resources or helpful tips you’d like below.

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