Hello Friends!

Welcome back to #WeCanWednesday brought to you by #CaHandsVoices!

Two things for today:

Thing one- Learning happens all the time! Even when you don’t think its happening. Even when you least expect it. Your child is learning. From you, from watching, from their siblings, from models in their lives(and on the screens they’re glued to). They are learning from everything. What is important is about that access, making sure your child has access to all that learning.

Thing two-Daily Routines are the foundation of our own daily lives, and of our lives as we grow as well!

All of these examples can be done in all modalities: in ASL, in your Oral home language, in Cued Speech. The important pieces are modeling and access for your child.

  • Learning with your baby: Explain how you are making a snack while your baby is in their chair
  • Learning with your toddler: Clean something up together, a spill, the toys on the floor, walk them through the steps you’re taking together
  • Learning with your PreK kiddo: Do Show and Tell with them while out on a walk
  • Learning with your Elementary Child: Have them explain their favorite Cartoon Character/Show/Book
  • Learning with your Middle School Child: Watch a new movie(with captions!) or read a new book together, something they want to watch and something you’d like to share with them
  • Learning with your High Schooler: Have them teach you something, anything they want, from how to play a video game, to how to make a tiktok video together, or try out a new recipe have them explain it to you and do it together as a family.

If anyone wants to share some moments of you learning in your home please share!!! 🙂


Ms. Leslie