#TogetherThursday First Post

Hello Friends! Welcome to #WeCanWednesday brought to you by #CaHandsVoices!

This is Leslie, and I hope to share some small tips with you and hope that you can share some small moments with me. I love love love working with students and am excited to share some small things with you.

I want to share two things with you today. 🙂

Thing one- No regrets: You are doing an amazing job, you are doing the best you can with all the information you have at this time. Tomorrow might look different, next year you might make a different choice. You are making the right choices for you and your child today based on today. Keep at it.

Thing two-Object Permanence is fun at ANY age: Babies are learning the skill of “understanding that objects continue to exist even when they cannot be seen, heard, touched, smelled or sensed in any way.” but we all keep learning about things we don’t see all the time everyday!

  • Play with your baby: Peek a boo
  • Play with your toddler: Where is Mommy?(and Hide)
  • Play with your PreK kiddo: Hide and Seek
  • Play with your Elementary Child: Memory Card Games
  • Play with your Middle School Child: Whats in the pantry, 1 2 3, shut it!
  • Play with your High Schooler: Engaging ways to research things outside your home like Museums(Virtual Field Trips!)

Or make it up! Have fun with this great skill that can be built on. If anyone wants to share some moments of you playing with Object Permanence or ways you do this in your home post below!

You can do it! WE can do it! We’re all in this together


Ms. Leslie