Vijay Family

The Vijay Family

Vijay, Nandini, Ved, & baby sister

We are Vijay family. We moved to Los Angeles from India 5 years back for work. My husband Vijay is software engineer and me (Nandini) homemaker. After almost 6 years of our marriage our son Ved was born in Los Angeles. We were super excited. On 2nd day they did Newborn hearing test and he failed. Me and my husband didn’t worry much. And moreover in India there is no test like that and we never knew that.

After month we were called for outpatient hearing test, he failed that too. Still we were confident he is fine, it’s just fluid issue. Then we were referred to John Tracy Clinic and there they told our son has profound hearing loss in both ears. My husband was in state of shock and tears started rolling from eyes. I was not ready to accept. I went into depression for 2 months , then I thought if I am depressed I will not be able to do anything for my son.

Vijay Family

Then we were contacted by Early start intervention from our district. And our hearing journey began. He was implanted at 15 months of age and now he is a big chatter box and he excelled in his Speech and Language evaluation last month.

Now our 8 months daughter is Hard of Hearing, mild to severe.. We use her aids all the time and a new hearing journey has begun. She has her brother as her teacher.